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5 Tips for Using Family Time with Apps to Promote Learning

by Katy Svehaug
November 23, 2016

When we think of apps for kids, we often think of games for either entertainment or learning. But apps aren’t limited to just games or books—they can also provide important social, emotional, and physical experiences too. In Family Time With Apps, we explore how to find the best apps to fit your … 

The Best Children’s Books from Our Childhood

by Katy Svehaug
May 5, 2016

It’s hard to forget the books that played an important role in your childhood. Whether they made you laugh, sparked your imagination, or gave names to the feelings you didn’t yet know how to express, returning to a beloved story can often feel like coming home again. For me, that … 

QuickReport: Print Books vs. E-books

Comparing parent-child co-reading on print, basic, and enhanced e-book platforms This QuickReport presents the results of our first QuickStudy exploring parent-child interactions as they read print and digital books together.  We conducted this exploratory study with our SciPlay partners at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York …