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The iPad According to Twitter

…115円” – “De kids luisteren wel vooral via iPad, veelal YouTube. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, dat soort dingen :-)” The social commentators: – “The six-floor flagship Shanghai Barbie store is officially closed. Kids would rather play with an ipad.” – “Anyone even TRYING to compete with the IPad should just lower their prices and pray that parents are too cheap to get their kids a real one.” – “My kids would rather watch a movie huddled around the iPad vs…


Meet the Winners: Lance Dugars

…star Mechanic entry in the National STEM Video Game Challenge. Lance, from Katy, TX is an avid Gamestar Mechanic user who has been interested in video games “for as long as I can remember.” When he started creating his own games, Lance started experimenting with tools that would let him rapidly and freely prototype the many ideas he had in his head. Gamestar Mechanic was his favorite because “it doesn’t limit you as much as other [game design tool…


National STEM Video Game Challenge Announces Winners of Fourth Annual Competition

…memaker Sammamish, WA Lance Dugars, Jr. The Brink Walker Gamestar Mechanic Katy, TX Ethan Pang Science Survivor Open Platform San Jose, CA Cole Nugteren Pyromania Scratch St. Louis Park, MN John Korhel and John Ripple The Cube’s Journey Team Open Platform Parker, CO Brooklyn Humphrey Maze Kraze Unity Auburn, WA Sanja Kirova Ezcape Written Portage, IN High School (grades 9-12) Name Game Title Platform (Category) City, State Zack Harmon Gongbat Game…