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Meet the Winners: Caleb Koo

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[caption id="attachment_15425" align="alignright" width="164"] Caleb Koo[/caption] “I’ve always been interested in crafting stories,” says Caleb Koo, a 15-year-old from Galena, Ohio. “And telling stories through a video game is very easy.”...  

Meet the Winners: Kimberly Do

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[caption id="attachment_15430" align="alignright" width="167"] Kimberly Do[/caption] Kimberly Do, 16, has a deep fascination with outer space. An avid member of her school’s NASA Student Astronaut Challenge team, the Plant City, Florida...  

Meet the Winners: Elisha Azaria

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[caption id="attachment_15433" align="alignright" width="252"] Elisha Azaria[/caption] Aspiring programmer Elisha Azaria, 13, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania learned about the National STEM Video Game Challenge from his father — whose work with artificial intelligence helped...  

Meet the Winners: Georgia Martinez

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[caption id="attachment_15438" align="alignright" width="169"] Georgia Martinez[/caption] Thanks to early exposure to robotics and Scratch in elementary school, 14-year-old Georgia Martinez of Chicago, Illinois is now an avid game developer. “I was...  

Meet the Winners: Ronan Boyarski

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[caption id="attachment_15442" align="alignright" width="236"] Ronan Bokarski[/caption] When 12-year-old Ronan Boyarski first started playing Minecraft, he quickly became curious about how video games were designed. The Locust Grove, Virginia-based student started investigating...  

Meet the Winners: Brent VanZant

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[caption id="attachment_15447" align="alignright" width="232"] Brent VanZant[/caption] When 17-year-old Brent VanZant looked up at the night sky while on vacation in New Mexico this summer, he didn’t just see hundreds of stars—he...  

Meet the Winners: Lauren Thomas

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[caption id="attachment_15451" align="alignright" width="153"] Lauren Thomas[/caption] If you suddenly found yourself stranded in the hottest desert in North America, would you have the survival skills and environmental wherewithal to make it...  

Meet the Winners: Angela He

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[caption id="attachment_15455" align="alignright" width="257"] Anglela He[/caption] After years of training as an artist and animator, Angela He, 17, knew she was ready for a new challenge that would encourage her audience...  

Meet the Winners: Connor Shugg

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  [caption id="attachment_15461" align="alignright" width="219"] Connor Shugg[/caption] As a dedicated long-time member of his school’s marching band, 17-year-old Connor Shugg of Apex, North Carolina didn’t need to look far in order to...  

Meet the Winners: Samson Simhon

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[caption id="attachment_15468" align="alignright" width="218"] Samson Simhon[/caption] Since the age of 11, Aventura, Florida resident Samson Simhon, now 15, has been fascinated with game design. After mastering the basics of the Scratch...