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Meet the Winners of the 2015 National STEM Video Game Challenge

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From gravity-defying platform games to science puzzles loaded with informative trivia, the 2015 winners of the National STEM Video Game Challenge never cease to amaze. Learn more about each of...  

Infographic: Opportunity for All?

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In their recent report, Opportunity for All?, media and policy expert Victoria Rideout and Rutgers University scholar Vikki Katz explored the current uses of digital technologies to help promote educational opportunities...  

Q&A with Nancy Drew Developer Her Interactive

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Since releasing their first Nancy Drew adventure game, Secrets Can Kill, back in 1998, Her Interactive has inspired thousands to pick up a virtual magnifying glass and take on the...  

Catching Up with Inaugural STEM Challenge Winner Derek Lomas

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[caption id="attachment_14667" align="alignright" width="269"] Photo by Kris Krug[/caption] When Derek Lomas learned that 50% of 8th grade students in the United States can’t put a series of fractions in order from...  

Meet the Winners: Nathan Kuravackal

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[caption id="attachment_15387" align="alignright" width="224"] Nathan Kuravackal[/caption] With only one level to go before receiving his black belt, 11-year-old Nathan Kuravackal drew on his extensive training in Taekwondo to create Can’t Catch...  

Meet the Winners: Sanja Kirova

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[caption id="attachment_15383" align="alignright" width="194"] Sanja Kirova[/caption] Are you ready to travel the globe—digitally? In 15-year-old Sanja Kirova’s game Around the World, players have a chance to visit historical landmarks, discover different...  

Meet the Winners: Shrey Pandya and Lucas Armand

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[caption id="attachment_15396" align="alignright" width="260"] Lucas Armand and Shrey Pandya[/caption] When Shrey Pandya, 13, of Exton, Pennsylvania and Lucas Armand, 14, of Malvern, Pennsylvania set out to create their own fast-paced first...  

Meet the Winners: Alexander Chen, Preston Lai, and Jonathan Lin

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[caption id="attachment_15400" align="alignright" width="300"] Alexander Chen, Preston Lai, and Jonathan Lin[/caption] Ever since 17-year-old Jonathan Lin was introduced to Minecraft in 2012, he’s been determined to create an adventure game of...  

Meet the Winners: Puja Chopade

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[caption id="attachment_15414" align="alignright" width="232"] Puja Chopade[/caption] For 10-year-old Puja Chopade of Madison, Alabama, major world problems like global warming served as inspiration for her video game design. Puja’s original game, Save...  

Meet the Winners: Zane Godil

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[caption id="attachment_15419" align="alignright" width="161"] Zane Godil[/caption] Zane Godil, age 12, learned about the National STEM Video Game Challenge from friends in his community of Beaverton, Oregon who had entered in previous...