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Katy Svehaug


...Katy Svehaug is a Web and Content Associate with the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. She manages content on the Center’s Twitter and Facebook, and is always looking for new ways to disseminate high-impact research on a broader social...  

Meet the Winners: Sanja Kirova

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As an active member of the Boys and Girls Club, 14-year-old Sanja Kirova got her start in video game design through the Game Tech and Hour of Code programs at her...  

Meet the Winners: Matthew Bellavia

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Matthew Bellavia, 14, is a long-time player of console and PC games, so it was a natural fit when he started learning programming back in sixth grade. After experimenting with building...  

Meet the Winners: Lexi Schneider

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For 16-year-old Lexi Schneider of Dresher, Pennsylvania, the term STEM is missing something important—the letter “A”. An avid artist, her interest in video game design stems from her passion for...  

Meet the Winners: John Ripple and John Korhel

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[caption id="attachment_14089" align="alignnone" width="561"] John Ripple and John Korhel[/caption] John Ripple, 14, and John Korhel, 14, share a common love of math and video games. Building on their mutual interests, the...  

Meet the Winners: Ethan Pang

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At 13 years old, Ethan Pang’s path to programming was surprisingly simple—he enjoyed playing video games, became interested in writing code, and decided to combine the two by creating a...  

Meet the Winners: Zack Harmon

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Back in 2009, an interest in animation led Litchfield, Ohio native Zack Harmon, 17, to start experimenting with interactive design in GameMaker. Over six years later, his passion for programming...  

Meet the Winners: Thomas Cannon

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When 15-year-old Thomas Cannon began to feel limited by the customization options available while playing his favorite video games, his solution was simple: He would learn to program and build...  

Meet the Winners: Gabriel Rocero

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Having grown up as a gamer, Gabriel Rocero, 17, jumped at the chance to enroll in the video game program at his high school. “I’d always dreamed of making my...  

Meet the Winners: Brooklyn Humphrey

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Brooklyn Humphrey, 13, was inspired to build her first video game in an engineering class at her middle school. “I was learning how to program robots,” she explains, “plus my...