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Entrepreneurship Meets Education

by Carly Shuler
August 30, 2011

Technology has transformed many things.  Most things. I remember one of my amazing professors at the Harvard Ed School, the venerable Chris Dede, asking us to imagine walking into a number of different spaces.  Picture a movie theater.  A bank.  An airport.  A living room.  Can you tell whether you … 

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Teaching Harry Potter

by Catherine Jhee
August 25, 2011

Rebecca Herr Stephenson, Cooney Center fellow, has been in the New York office for a few days this week working with the Research team on the e-book QuickStudy out at the New York Hall of Science. We were thrilled that she brought a copy of her newly released book, Teaching … 

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Changing the Game at Becker College, September 14, 2011

by Catherine Jhee
August 24, 2011

On September 14, Michael Levine will participate in “Changing the Game: How Digital Games are Changing Entertainment and Education,” an academic panel at Becker College in conjunction with the inauguration of the college’s new president, Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. The honorary chair and moderator is Gordon Bellamy, executive director of … 

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Come Read With Us! News from the E-Book QuickStudy

by Meagan Bromley
August 23, 2011

Research Assistant Meagan Bromley reflects on our most recent time in the field for the Cooney Center’s E-Book QuickStudy. Find out what our research team has been up to lately as well as how you can get involved in our upcoming follow-up study this week! “Oh yes, I read Miss … 

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Michael Levine

Gaming Ed Reform?

August 20, 2011

This post originally appeared on the Education Nation Learning Curve Blog. Last week, President Obama announced an innovation and competitiveness initiative designed to stimulate children’s interest in math and science careers. It was filled with solid ideas for engaging both struggling and advanced students in rigorous and relevant science and … 

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Philadelphia’s Action Team

by Arun Prabhakaran
August 15, 2011

The Philadelphia Action Team is comprised of a set of core partners, Philadelphia Academies Inc., the City of Philadelphia, the Urban Affairs Coalition, Philadelphia Youth Network, Drexel University, and the Knight Foundation.  We attended the Joan Ganz Cooney Center’s 2011 Leadership Forum, “Learning From Hollywood: Can Entertainment Media Ignite a … 

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The End of Summer: Reflections on My Cooney Center Internship

by Zachary Levine
August 11, 2011

As I finish up my last week at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, I cannot help but reflect on my experiences as an intern over the last few months.  When I came into the office on the first day I didn’t know what to expect, or even what type of … 

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What Do You Get When You Cross a Pony with a Unicorn?

by Carly Shuler
August 3, 2011

What do you get when you cross a pony with a unicorn?  According to 5 year-old Cassie Creighton, you get a ponycorn.  According to renowned game blog, you get what may just be “the most adorable video game ever created.”  According to me, you get an intergenerational father-daughter experience … 

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